Playing the Music: Moving to the Beat

Please Don’t Stop the Music!

Since I last blogged, I have reached a rhythm that is fun. I stopped bashing the computer keys. Patience! Cue “Paciencia y Fe” (Patience and Faith) a song from the hit musical “In the Heights.” I think I have figured out Tumblr, for my purposes. I was able to insert the video I created. It is short and concise. Tumblr doesn’t allow for long videos or audio clips for that matter (I recently learned both lessons the hard way). The Tumblr site is the portal into the whole project, so I am still working on making sure it contains important elements regarding “la bella figura” (making a good impression). I want it to be visually appealing, so I am working on balancing style with content. I’ve also changed stylistic and editorial elements of my WP sites. I will soon step back, take a critical look and revise, as needed.

I really don’t want these classes to end (hence “Please Don’t Stop the Music). I have learned so much from all of you. I graciously thank each and every one of you, including Dr. Zamora (that goes without saying).

Published by medeathewriter

Creative writer, lyrical gangster, poet, student of life and an attorney. Speaks Italian and Spanish.

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