La Bella Figura: I’ve Got the Sauce but I Need the Spoon!

La Bella Figura: Putting Your Best Foot Forward - Donna DeRosa
Strike a Pose!

After much deliberation and further free-writing, I have decided to focus my project on the issue of “la bella figura,” which literally translates into the “beautiful figure.” It means that Old World Italians find it very important to make a good impression, no matter how they are feeling emotionally. One is always expected to put his or her best face forward. When I was a child, my father communicated to me that when one steps outside, one has to put his or her problems in a suitcase and store them away until he or she comes back home. This is the tradition in which I was raised. Never break a sweat (or shed a tear) in public.

This cultural phenomenon is something that I would like to explore in my final elit piece though the medium of presentation and makeup. I’ve already created a separate wordpress site and I have written a poem with hypertext links to relevant documents, photos and songs. I have also taken photos and made two GIFs out of two short videos I took. I am incorporating humor, but I am also being thoughtful about the struggles of keeping up appearances. Authenticity is always of primary importance to me.

I’d like to create a clickable, perfectly made-up face in which I point to each individual feature (eyes, nose, mouth, etc). When the hyperlinks are clicked upon, a corresponding poem will appear. For example, when clicking on the ears, I’d create a poem in which my made-up woman ruminates about all the interior thoughts she hears in her mind regarding her insecurities. I’m thinking about perhaps drawing the face myself and using real makeup products. That could be fun. I would also like to experiment with kinetic text. I don’t know how though and the options shown on the Internet involve extensive coding.

Here is the rub! I do not know how to create such a clickable figure (and I’ve searched). I know several of us would like to use this type of feature and it is important for us to find out what tool we can use. So the sauce is cooking, but I need a spoon to help the process! If anyone makes any discoveries or knows how to do this already (as well as making kinetic poetry/text, please let me know. It’s only fair to share!

Is Makeup Bad For Our Eyes? – Raleigh NC | Stonehenge Vision Source
I See You Seeing Me

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