Pleased to Meet You!

Hello everyone! I am excited to learn with all of you. This is a great, exciting field of literature I have wanted to dip into, as soon as Dr. Zamora spoke about it several months ago!

As far as introductions go, my name is Medea. I am a proud Italian-American and a big aficionada of the arts. I think that they help even people with mathematical or science backgrounds grow and flourish. That being said, my background is in neither of those areas, but in law.

I am a talker and a laugher. I am a Godmother to my sister and brother-in-law’s three children, which has been transformative for me. They will always be the most important people in my life.

Here are a few visual components that tell you a bit more about me:

This cup was given to me by Patricia in February 2020. She didn’t know this, but I have a T-shirt that has exactly the same thing printed on it! Italian espresso is one of my daily joys. Additionally, I am an extrovert and I need to express myself on multiple levels. I have also grown into my own voice. I appreciate my own unique perspectives. Of course, I am very open to others’ experiences and I will always ask questions to learn more.

Struggle, Tears and Triumph

This is one of my favorite plays ever (tied with “Hamilton” and “Fiddler on the Roof”). This playbook was one of the gifts that Nives sent me during the pandemic. I love plays/films where the underdog struggles and hustles to find his or her rightful place in society. As a daughter and granddaughter of immigrants, I feel that this is the story of my family. I will always appreciate grit and determination. I saw a great quote several months ago: “If someone says no, do it twice.” It really resonated with me.

All About that Moxie

Moxie is “force of character, determination, or nerve.” I firmly believe that you need this in order to deal with life. I paired these two portraits together for a reason. Sometimes, life can have a bitter taste, like limes. My solution, put it in a bowl and find the pretty somewhere or try your best to fix things. That’s where the second frame comes in. It is actually an advertisement for a really old soft drink (I’ve never had it by the way). If you don’t have nerve in this life, it may overwhelm you entirely. This is a lesson I have learned the “hardah way,” as my father says.

The above picture is new green growth coming up through concrete. It reminds me of a childhood favorite, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. It also reminds me that no matter how hard circumstances are, we can persist and flourish. It may take time, help and immense hardship, but growth comes in the unlikeliest of circumstances.

Cheers to all of you!

Published by medeathewriter

Creative writer, lyrical gangster, poet, student of life and an attorney. Speaks Italian and Spanish.

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